Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC)

PBC Support Unit

Prime Minister & Cabinet (PM&C) provide a limited amount of funding to support basic operations of Registered Native Title Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs).

There is an annual funding round where applications are submitted to the NQLC who assess those applications and forward them to the PM&C, who ultimately decides which PBCs receive funds.

There is a notional allocation of $50,000 which appears to be the maximum amount PBCs can apply for each year. Funding from this program is targeted towards those PBCs that need assistance in order to meet their statutory obligations. Therefore PBCs that have significant income from other sources may not necessarily gain assistance under this program. Please see attached guidelines for PBC Support Funding, as well as internal NQLC procedures for acquitting and reporting funds received under the PBC Support Guidelines.

For further enquiries, please contact the PBC Unit on either 07 4042 7000 or pbcsupport@nqlc.com.au.


Support Documents:

Roles & Responsibilities of Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs)
Information Sheet for PBCs 
A Guide to Writing Good Governance Rules