Our Services

The NQLC is funded by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C). 

NQLC is required, under its contract with PM&C, to advance claims and deal with other matters to the extent that the approved budget allows.  In setting the priorities for the budget, a number of factors are taken into account including the priority that the Court has placed on each claim, the need for anthropological and other research, and the age of the claim.

Within the budgetary constraints, NQLC through its in-house legal unit represents most of the claims, appointing a legal officer for each claim. NQLC arranges for anthropological research to help prove the claim.

NQLC uses its project officers to coordinate meetings and to make other logistical arrangements connected with claim and community meetings; and to assist the researchers and legal officers.

NQLC facilitates claim group and authorisation meetings and provides general advice on all matters related to native title to its claim groups via its in-house legal unit.

NQLC through its FAME unit assists in the development of mining and related agreements.