Barada Barna People & Widi People of the Nebo Estate #2 Shared-Country

Federal Court file no(s) 

QUD380/2008, QUD492/2013 

Short name 

Barada Barna People And Widi People Of The Nebo Estate #2 Shared-Country 

Case name 

Les Budby And Cecil Brown Jnr & Ors On Behalf Of The Barada Barna People; and Eileen Beryl Pegler & Ors On Behalf Of The Widi People Of The Nebo Estate #2 v State of Queensland 

Determination type 


State or Territory 


Legal process 


Determination outcome 

Native title exists in parts of the de termination area 

Representative A/TSI body area(s) 

Northern Queensland Region 

Local government area(s) 

Isaac Regional Council 

Determination date 


Date/s of effect 


Registered Native Title Body Corporate 

Barada Barna Aboriginal Corporation, Gangali Narra Widi Aboriginal Corporation