Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) refers to the Aboriginal Corporation that each successful native title determination group must have under the Native Title Act 1993.

The PBC’s role is to deal with native title issues post determination.

The North Queensland Land Council (NQLC) notes the importance these bodies have in the effective administration associated with native title holders by maximising the opportunities and benefits arising out of their native title and by ensuring that native title holders have self determination.

There is a need to ensure that the bodies are and remain financially secure if their vital role is to be performed.

NQLC encourages the setting up of PBCs as part of the native title claim process and notes that until now, funding conditions have limited NQLC’s assistance so that NQLC can only help up to the first Annual General Meeting.

NQLC notes the new PBC funding guidelines announced by the Prime Minister & Cabinet will allow limited funding of PBCs via application to their Native Title Representative Body (NTRB), but the NQLC remains concerned that funding:

  1. should not be at the expense of NTRB budgets; and 
  2. funding of PBC remains inadequate.

Additional information about these PBCs, including contact person, address and phone number, can be found at the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) by searching for the corporation by name or Indigenous Corporation Number (ICN).

Support Documents:
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