Complaints & Internal Review


The North Queensland Land Council always does its best to act in a fair and appropriate manner.  We understand that there may be instances that people may be unhappy with a decision we make, with some of the things we do or don’t do, and/or with the behaviour of our staff..

Our members and the public have the right to make a complaint about any of these things, and we will do our best to suitably respond to and resolve the issue.

If our staff are unable to assist you in settling your complaint directly, it will go to our Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Board to review.

Complaints Process

  1. Talk to the NQLC Chief Executive Officer, staff, or their managers to see if the problem can be resolved quickly and easily. 
  2. If the issue has not been resolved, put the complaint in writing to the Chief Executive Officer. The NQLC will keep a record of the complaint, and follow through with an investigation. 
  3. The relevant people within the NQLC (Chair, Board, Chief Executive Officer, or senior managers) will look into the complaint. If appropriate, action will be taken to respond to the complaint. 
  4. The NQLC will write to the person making the complaint, and explain how it was investigated, and what action was taken. 

Internal Review

Under section 203BI of the Native Title Act 1993 (NTA) NQLC has an internal review function. If you are affected by a decision or action taken by NQLC in relation to its functions under the NTA and you are not satisfied with that decision or action you can request an internal review of the matter.

To initiate an internal review you must, within 28 days of being notified of the decision or action, write to the Chief Executive Officer requesting a statement of reasons for the decision or action. The CEO will provide the statement of reasons and if you are not satisfied by those reasons you may seek an internal review.  If you seek an internal review the CEO will appoint an internal reviewer to investigate the matter and report back. The CEO will provide you with the outcomes of that investigation within three months of your review request. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the review you have a right under s203FB of the NTA to seek a external review through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Complaints should be marked ‘Confidential’ and either emailed to cservices@nqlc.com.au or posted to:
Chief Executive Officer
North Queensland Land Council
PO Box 679